Monday, March 27, 2017

Greg Details

Canvas Guitars made good guitars for like two years and then disappeared entirely, so finding info on them is hard.

This bass is fucking heavy. Not joking around. I thought it was just heavy because I was lugging it around high school when I was 17, but no, it's actually heavy.

All the hardware on this is actually really nice quality.
The thing that drives people insane about this guitar, when they see it, is that the top wasn't done in a reversed figure, so there's this chunk where the wood grain abruptly changes.
And it goes on to the back too.

Apart from being really heavy and a sort of awkward spot on the joining at the neck that my friend one time made fun of in 11th grade, it's a really solid guitar. It's currently got flat-wound strings on it which is sort of like playing bass on the most satisfying thing ever.

The one thing to note is that while it's a totally fine volume, this bass does not get Hella Loud like you need if you're playing screamo or something. It's a bit more of a jazzy bass than a death metal bass. It's got the full 24 frets and a deep cutout for all those fun high-fret things. Super jumbo frets make it easy to play and to hear yourself articulate.
This bass weighs about the same as my harp. It's heavy, like 11lbs or seomthing
This was the first musical instrument that tiny me saved up for and bought with my own money, so I want it to go to someone who will love it. Mostly it just needs to go to someone who will play it. I just don't do that enough anymore.

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