Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weirest injury of the day.

So I have managed to injure myself twice today.

Once I was standing on my weak ankle* on one foot, and my balance went sideways and ankle was like BITCH NOT DOIN THAT and that isn't good.

Once I was driving home and I cut my toe open on my high beam switch**.

In other news, I have a smartphone now, so I'm able to get on the internet and do actual things on the internet, which is good.

Yeah. That's about it.

Good night, Bloggypeoples.

*I have a strong ankle and a weak ankle. The weak ankle is what happens when you sprain your ankle and then proceed to ignore the sprain for a month and dance on it for 12 hours a week.
**it's a floor-mounted switch, so it's not that weir, but it's still pretty weir.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A response to Amy's SDCC list

This is a response to the most recent post on Amy's blog, which is in my blogroll over there, so click that 'cause I'm too lazy to find the link.

So here goes:
I. Transportation:
---Why don't you guys trust Baby Beast? He's seriously offended by this.
---That said, I don't trust Baby Beast and I DRIVE him.
---I have nothing else to offer in terms of transportation, as IF we have RenneyRabbit up and running, none of you know how to drive manual transmission and she only seats two anyway.
---Now that I think about it, lies. Crystal knows how to drive manual transmission.
---Also, Melody and I may be wanting to keep a car in San Diego for the week between SDCC and VidCon

II. Lodging
  1. Location: I have obtained a back yard for us to sleep in. We will need to bring a tent.
  2. Power: Installing a power inverter into a car is a rather serious undertaking. However, I do not expect Cole would have a big problem with us running an extension cord into his backyard. Other charging can be done in pretty much any restaurant.
  3. Food: Crystal and I had a cooler last year and that worked pretty well. It was still cold by the third day, and we could buy ice to refresh it. My mom's awkward pyramid scheme that she works with involves selling fully cooked, non-refridgerated meals including a vegeterian lasagne that isn't bad. Melody, Odwalla smoothies stay pretty well at room temp as long as they aren't opened.
  4. Hygiene: Amy, Melody, and Beth are probably not prepared for the experience that is SDCC. For many hours every day that you are there, you are literally surrounded by people. At any given time in the event hall, 3+ people WILL BE TOUCHING YOU. Those of you who went to SacAnime with me probably witnessed Day Three Game Room NerdStank. Imagine that. Now imagine how that FEELS ON YOUR SKIN. It is tangible. We don't like it. We don't want to see it. It makes us uncomfortable. Bathing after Comic-Con is not an option. Even if we're spongebathing, it MUST. HAPPEN.
  5. Storage: Amy is making a Pack Plan. We are trusting her when it comes to storage. With that said, wigs that don't have large amounts of hairspray/foamcore can be stored by turning them inside out, braiding the hair, tucking that into the cap, and putting the wig in a plastic ziptop bag.
III. Convention Logistics
  1. Transport to/from con: Take the train. 'Nuff said.
  2. Volunteering: ????? I've never done it before.
  3. Storage @con: Everyone should bring a large backpack and be prepared to carry it all day.
  4. Food @ con: Everyone should have, in their backpack, either a jar of peanut butter or a loaf of bread. I think with two loaves of bread and two people having peanut butter/jelly/honey/peanut butter and jelly we can survive 4 days at con. WATER. Everyone must have, in their backpack, a refillable water bottle. CON DEHYDRATION IS NOT FUN. YOU PASS OUT AND THEN YOU MISS YOUR VOLUNTEER SHIFT AND THEN YOU ARE PERMABANNED FORM VOLUNTEERING. DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN.
IV. Money (PS. Amy, your numbering on your list was kind of off. Just sayin')
---Geurilla Income will be tricksy. Comic-Con frowns upon people earning money at the con who did not pay for the privilege of doing so. DO NOT EXPECT TO EARN A LOT.

V. Packing List
  1. I may be able to convince my brother to swap with me and I get his droid for the weekend. If so, we have a portable wireless hub. If not, Cole will PROBABLY let us onto his Wifi
  2. The cosplay list: TIDE TO GO IS NOT AN OPTION. TIDE TO GO IS A NECESSITY. Also needed is Febreeze, needle and thread, duct tape, boob tape (also sold as pasty tape and fashion tape) to keep costume malfunctions from happening, a hot glue gun if possible (for emergency wig repairs), super glue, and Katie Bair's Miracle in a Bottle.
  3. Emergency kit should also contain ACE wrap in case of ankle/wrist/knee injuries, lidocaine patches, and a change of underwear for everyone (otherwise, when all of our stuff gets stolen and we're stuck at the con overnight, we'll have to keep wearing the same underwear and that just ain't pretty).
  • Each person MUST have a pair of cushioned insoles for any shoes that they have for cosplay. Your feet begin hurting to the point where they actually go numb, and then when you take your shoes off and regain feeling, it's kind of like OH FRELL ME AND FRELL THIS RUTTING CON. I don't think my feet stopped hurting for three days after the con last year, and I only did it one day.
  • Camera. You will need it. Everyone must have a camera.
  • For the con, you need a bag that will hold 1) a change of clothes, because you should have an option to change out of cosplay/something that isn't covered in blood after someone gets stabbed and you were an innocent bystander 2) room to fit your cosplay when you've taken the change of clothes out 3) BREAD or PEANUT BUTTER 4) Spare plastic knives/spoons. You don't want to have to carry around a peanut buttery spoon. 5) Your emergency repair supplies for the con. 6) a small towel, so that you are a hoopy frod who knows where her towel is
  • Amy is the best at planning. Sadly, the only con that Amy has ever been to was SacCon. I am the worst at planning. I have also been to SDCC once. #paradox
  • Before we leave, we are all going to have a conversation with my mom about car problems that we are likely to encounter and how to fix them. I believe my mom is the best choice for this because she 1) knows about cars 2) isn't really scary and 3) knows all of you. If not my mom, Crystal's dad would be a good option, as he fulfills requirements #1 and #2.
  • We should go to the dollar store and buy window paint. We should paint the car that is not staying the week in SoCal with Polly and Melody. We should not paint the car that is staying, as that would result in awkward complications for Polly and Melody and not being able to wash their car. We might get jumped at VidCon by Youtubers, and then you guys would find out because someone would post it online, and then you guys would feel really guilty.
Everyone who can afford it should bring the money to get next year's badge at this year's con. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY WE WILL EVER GET INTO PREVIEW NIGHT EVER. JUST SAYING.


Monday, June 27, 2011

From chuch: Why people hate christians

Disclaimer: Part 1) As I am writing this, I am in a church. Part 2) I have been a christian all my life, and I do believe in God. 3) No. I don't capitalize 'christian.' I don't know why. Why are you looking for logic in Polly Rambles?

So I woke up this morning with a funny taste in my head, and spackled some butter over some whole-grain bread. Something tasted different. Maybe it was my tongue. Something tasted different and wait that's an Ingrid Michaelson song and not the point of this blog.

So I woke up this morning and thought about a lady who at one point went to our church and willingly protected her child-abuser husband and the rest of the church doesn't bring her up any more.
But she taught Sunday School here for many years, which I was forced by my parents to go to.
And I was thinking about some of the classes that she taught. One of her classes was about witchcraft and things that draw us away from God.
During this class, after she told us that everyone who didn't believe as she believed was going to hell,* we got on the topic of tarot cards and divination.
Now I happen to use cartomancy** a lot when I have stressful problems that I need to work out. I have a deck of cards that I use for nothing but cartomancy, and I frequently will pull them out and use them to help me think over my problems. I've done this for probably about 5 years now, which meant a good 3-something years at the time that this conversation took place.
One of the basic beliefs in all forms of divination is that there is a message and it is coming from another, external force. It's not JUST from you, it's not a fun parlor trick, there is a message and it is coming from something.
So this lady who we're going to call Z got all on EVERYONE WHO USES TAROT CARDS CALLS UPON THE DEVIL TO TELL THEM THE FUTURE! And I was kind of like "hahaha no."

But that's one of the reasons that people hate christians. We tend to make snap decisions based on little to no information, and then assume that we're better than other people. Which we aren't.

So here's where I talk about religion for a while.
I believe that you should use religion to define how you live as a person. Christianity preaches acceptance of everyone, and forgiveness of other's wrongs so that your wrongs may be forgiven. I believe that that is so much more important than the question of if there is an afterlife or not, and whether or not I will be among God's chosen when the rapture comes. I believe that, if there is an afterlife, living a life of acceptance and forgiveness will do more for me on my path to Heaven than I will by forcing all of my friends to go to church with me and preaching all the time about how I am a christian and the Bible says we should stone the homosexuals so yeah let's go do that.

As for the whole cartomancy is anti-christian, I don't see how assigning meanings to playing cards and using them to help you realize something about yourself and the situation and extrapolate from that to help determine the future is any different from opening up the Bible to a random passage and using that to give you enlightenment about yourself and your current situation. I believe that both of those signs can come from the same god.
Anyone who believes in an all-powerful god cannot say that said god cannot speak to them in a certain way. I believe that my God can do anything. If he wants to talk to me through Tarot cards, he fine well can. As long as it does not go against the two most basic beliefs of my religion, "Love the Lord God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength, and love your neighbor as yourself," then I think pretty much everything is a message from God. If it's not serving as a shining example, it's just as easy to serve as a terrible warning.

Okay, I'm not making sense anymore, just heard that I was sent the wrong mounts for my car AGAIN, and now I'm too angry to figure out what I was trying to say there, so I'm going to go write a pissy post on my car's blog, and then watch Farscape. #Mondays

*Not her exact words, but that was what she was saying. "The Bible says that the only way to heaven is to believe in Jesus, so everyone who is Jewish or Wiccan or Muslim is going to hell."
**To define terms here, when I use the term "cartomancy" I am speaking of basically tarot readings with regular playing cards and not actual tarot cards.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Some things.

Yeah. Again, with "some" as the beginning of my title. I'm lame, I know.

So, here we go:
1) My brother just said, "Controlled crisper," because he was reading it off of the fridge drawer. I heard "control crystal" and got really excited.
2) I cannot find my phone. It is somewhere, but I do not remember where.
3) I promised myself that I would post a real blog with real substance in it. I am afraid that I won't be able to do that.

July of this year is just terrifying the everliving fug out of me right now. When I stop and think about it, I just panic.
So the first week of July is COSTUME STRESS WEEK.
Then there's show week.
The week after that is Comic-Con week.
The week after that is VidCon
The week after that is my grandma's birthday party, which involves going to San Diego.
Then July is over.

Guys, I don't even know what I'm doing anymore.

It's like I'm filling my life with things so that I can be stressed about things, and then when there's nothing I panic.

What am I doing?

Okay. Here's the plan. Blow off everything that I need to do, that I promised I would do.
Spend however much I need to on a new mount for my car.
Drive to Knoxville TN. Work on Team Avatar.
Continue driving to New York. Hang out with Amy and Rainy, at the same time. Sleep on Amy's floor. Continue driving. Drive across the atlantic ocean (PHYSICS WORKS LIKE THAT GUYS KAY?). Become costume designer for Doctor Who. Hijack the TARDIS.


I would do it. I would steal the TARDIS and fly through time and space, and I'd randomly show up at random places and then I'd kidnap David Hewlett and we'd fly through time and space SOMEONE MAKE THAT INTO A TV SHOW NOW PLZ KTHX?!

Anyway, I'll write a longer blogablog post tomorrow, when I feel saner.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stress Stress Stress.

Stress Stress Stress Stress Stress.

Okay, so you know that show that I'm costuming?

Tomorrow's pretty much our one and only work call.

Uh. Yeah.

So I'm going to make a list of things that need to get done, and then I'm going to pack up the Pink Tub of Death
And then I'm going to PANIC.



Friday, June 24, 2011


remember when I said back on the very first post that I would be editing/get close to finishing* my NaNoWriMo Novel so I could get my free proof copy?


Guess who forgot about that?


and guess who is now hurriedly trying to finish the rewrite in a week?


* Your novel is never finished. Never. It may be good enough that you're not hideously ashamed of it, but it's not done. It may be published, but it's not done.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Some new work.

I work on a show called Team Avatar: The Legend of the Appamobile.

Occasionally, I get emails from Chelsea (the director/writer/THE ENTIRE SHOW FALLS APART WITHOUT HER) that ask me to do something for the show.
Usually, these have to do with costumes. "What kind of fabric would you use for the Kiyoshi Warriors?" "What do you think about these pants?"

Sometimes, they're kind of crazy.

And today, I was asked to do something. I can't tell you exactly what, but I can show you a picture:

In other news, my dress got retweeted today, which was exciting.
...that sentence makes almost no sense.

And in OTHER other news, apparently when I'm almost asleep, I say dumb things and then order Melody to not tweet them.

And that's about all I have to say today. I have to revise my NaNo for a couple of hours today, and then I'm going to bed.

ALSO I finished a dress yesterday. I am very much excited.


Okay, I think we all just got trolled.

"i think MacGonnagal was all like DUMBLEDORE AAAH I LOVE YOU and Dumbledore was like SORRY MINERVA I'M GAY."

Harry Harry Potter. I'm Harry Potter. Harry Harry Potter.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I'm spending the night at Melody's house while we count down to Pottermore.

Now that there's such a huge hype, it's going to be a total letdown.
Just saying, that's how my life goes.

Anyway, Melody and I are eating ice cream and watching SG-1

Okay, so funny typo story: As I typed SG-1, I typo'd and typed Sg-22. And thus, an idea was born.

Anyway, I really don't feel like writing a long blog today. It's been a weir few days.

UH BUT BUT I finished one of my commissions today! Yay!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wrock, more coherent

Okay, so here's the story.

Mel and I get into the car at 1:45. We begin driving. We pass the Nut Tree.
Then we stop at the Nut Tree and go on the rocking horses and play chess (I won) and checkers (I lost).
And then it was back on the road.
Finally, we got to the Milpitas library, where it turned out we'd gotten the time wrong, and the show was at 6, not 5.
But there was a giant mob of nerdfighters there, so we played Close You Eyes and Draw Batman for a while and then played Duck Duck Goose.
Because nerds are awesome.

The show was awesome. There are 3 different wrockers that we saw, and each one has a distinct style.
When Lauren and Matt play together as Armoured Bearcub, they're adorable and in love and singing cute songs that have nice harmonies.
JFF's songs are simpler, but they're more focused on audience participation. I've never heard JFF's studio recordings of his songs*, but I don't think I'd like them as much (then again, I'm hoping to be surprised. It's more than likely that he plays the songs that require the most audience participation at shows, and he has a lot of other songs that won't feel in anyway lacking in a studio setting and GAH POLLY WHAT ARE YOU SAYING CONTINUE WITH TEH BLOG). There's an energy that the entire place gets when he's singing that I've never experienced any other time, when everyone in the building is hooting like owls or dancing the Hufflepizza or screaming "Oh we love you, Victor Krum!" in silly falsetto voices. In between the songs there's some adorable and intentionally awkward banter that just makes the whole experience so fantastic. If you ever get a chance to see JFF live, do it. Just, seriously, I can't recommend that enough.
Going from JFF's crazy set to Lauren's is kind of like holding a 9-volt battery to your tongue and then eating chocolate**. Her songs are a lot calmer and a little bit more restrained, and don't rely as much on audience participation. Lauren sang a lot of songs from The Prince's Tale, which was brilliant. These songs have a totally different feel from the rest of hers, and they feel almost more mature. I really liked them and I can't wait for my copy of the CD to arrive in the mail!
Matt's set was kind of like eating a chocolate covered 9 volt battery. It was much more of a party than Lauren's, but a lot more restrained in comparison to JFF's. There's a lot of audience participation (They don't have freedom, and they don't have eagles) but it happened more between the songs than as part of them, and there was a lot more awkward dancing than there is yelling at the top of your lungs.
I love all three of the styles. All of the artists work well together, and the three of them on tour just works so well together.

So after the show, we hung around the merch table for a bit, I got videos of the artists with Dalek Hubert (a dalek I knitted. Long story) saying hi to Beth who is at music camp, I fangirled Lauren a little bit too much (I'm not that creepy IRL, I promise!)

Then we drove home.
I swear, when Melody and I are in a car together, weir stuff happens.
And that's all I'm going to say about that. Check out our tweets from last night if you want to know exactly what we were thinking.

And the I got home and passed out.

Today was a good day too, but not as good as yesterday. Yesterday was awesome.

*I'm lucky in that I've definitely seen more live wrock than I have listened to albums. The first time that I went to a Wrock concert was pretty much Amy showing up and saying, "Polly. Free concert. Get in the van." And I said, "Let me get my cape!" And then we drove, and I asked, "So what kind of show is this," and Amy said, "Wizard rock!" And I just said, " the cape was a good call." Okay. That's not exactly how it happened, but it's a much better story than what actually happened, which was her calling me on the phone a couple of days beforehand. The point of this footnote, though, is that I went to my first Wrock concert before I knew who any of the artists were or what their Youtube channels were.
**I am afraid that this is a simile that only makes sense to Polly.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Wizard Rock!

I`m posting this from my phone while I`m in the car on the way home from Milpitas, where I was at a Wizard Rock concert.

Because I`m that kind of legit.

There are more things about this that I`m like to say but as I am typing with my thumbs at the moment you`ll have to wait till tomorrow.

Peace in the galaxy, foos.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I am not impressed

So I got on the topic of the Doctor Who Midseason finale.

And I said that I wasn't impressed.

And immediately my sobriety was questioned.

So am I just not allowed to not like a direction that Smoffat went without being shitfaced? Uh, is that how it works?

Speaking of which, I do love the term "shitfaced." It's such a great term.

And that's about it for today.
Buy stuff from me.

Oh, also, I got my job back at the church. So if you're in the area, come visit and watch stargate with me.

Not that that's what I do at work #blatantlies

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Today is Saturday.

Woke up.


Made an awkward tie.

Hung out with fa friend from high school.

Went to the fabric store.

Texted some people.

Bought gas, ate donuts.
All in all, a good day.

Nothing really exciting.

Oh, my brother went to Kintoki-Con today. I didn't go.

PS. If I were to open an Etsy shop, what should I call it? I am at a loss.

Friday, June 17, 2011

And then we danced.


So tonight was a fun day. I went to the orthodontist and got OFFICIALLY DISCHARGED.

For a point of reference, I got my braces on for the first time in third grade.
And while I was there, I'd taken my ukulele in to the office with me, because sitting in a hot car makes it go out of tune really fast. And they asked me to play it.
So I did.
And while I was playing, like everyone stopped what they were doing and watched.
And when I finished, they applauded.
Which was weir. But whatever, because it was also awesome.

And then I went to Eurydice rehearsal, where I was late.
After that, Melody, Baff, and I went to Party in the Park, where I juggled shakey eggs and we danced dramatically and we were almost decapitated by a flying disc.
Then we got bored of Party in the Park and drove over to town square and played music.
There were adorable kids who loved to watch us, and after they left there were a lot of people who wanted to talk to us and who applauded us at one point after we finished Poker Face.
Which was awesome.
But it was weir, because while a lot fewer people were ignoring us, and a lot of people were talking to us and listening to us, we made less money tonight.
I don't know how this works and I don't pretend to.
I'm not in it for the money.
I'm in it because I think it's really awesome to play music while more competent people play music so that random strangers think that I'm GOOD.

Also, we named our sort of group today. We named it Anderson Guiles.
Because Beth said it and I latched onto it.

Anyway, this is a weir post, I'm in a weir mood, and I totally want sushi.

Goodnight, my friends. I see you over there, kicking in the front seat. And goodnight, my friends sitting in the back seat. And my friends, by my right.
But not my friends by my left. You aren't really my friends. I actually hate you, and therefore you cannot sleep.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I steal pets from the popular people

...and then I dress the pets up like the popular people.

Conversation of the day:
Me: Mom. Joan Jett. Thunder Valley Casino. $19. Not going is a sin.
Mom: You like Joan Jett? I didn't know that.
Me: She's Joan Jett.
Dad: Who's Joan Jett?
Me: Joan Jett is.
Dad: Why are we talking about her?

Other than that, didn't do a whole lot today. Spent the entire day in Auburn. Breakfast, Costuming the show, Rehearsal, Stargate, Music in Town Square, Home, Blog, Random CapitalizAtion.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So today, Manda came over and we recorded a song. Because we can do that. I played guitar, ukulele, bass, drum (read: pounding on a box), and shakey egg, and she sang.
It was fun. I can't post it because it's her song, but when she posts it to tumblr I'll share.

Then about ten minutes ago, Nikki texted me with, "Dear Polly, can you act?"
To which I said 'yes' rather enthusiastically and then began panicking.

I have two commissions to finish.
And two shows to costume.
And now lines to learn for a show that opens in 4 weeks.


No time for longer blog post. Lines to learn.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm like...professional and stuff... (ALSO DALEKS)

So today I did costume sketches for The Breakfast Theater Club Does Eurydice.

Let me take a moment to talk about the Breakfast Theater Club and why I'm so lucky to be part of it.
The Breakfast Theater Club is a youth theater group. And by that, I don't mean that we do shows for kids, or that we're kids being directed by adults. Our oldest member is turning 20 this year. (Because of this, we have some problems. The Quote of the Day today came from Nikki, our director: "I can't just cash a $500 check. They won't let me do that. I'm 16.") And to add to that, we're really pretty damn good.


....Hai. My name is Polly. My Internet broke in the middle of this blog post and those two paragraphs were all that got saved, so I asked Melody to edit and post this blog. But Melody has nothing to say.

Oh, I know. This evening, following Daleks on Twitter caused Melody a lot of hilarity, and she was inspired and texted all of the Doctor Who fans in her phone book, "Imagine Alan Rickman voicing a Dalek." I, being Polly, received that text message, and responded in the following beautiful manner:

"YOU have MISbeHAVED, mr DOCTOR! TEN points from GALLIFREY"
"you have been CAUGHT wandering through TIME and SPACE after HOURS. DeTENtion"
"You have BREACHED the TIME LOCK in the LIBRARY! I will see TO IT that you are EX-PELL-MIN-A-T-E-ED."

I am now imagining Dalek Snape gliding around Hogwarts chanting, "EXPELLMINATE! EXPELLMINATE!"

Melody is glad she is friends with me.

Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm not going to say ever...

...but today was definitely the best day of my summer so far.

So I woke up this morning angry about things after
having a dream about conversations in Wraith, and the improbability of every planet having a different written language that READS exactly like English (I'm looking at you, Stargate. Also, you have sound in space, Stargate. I'm onto you), and then I decided to go to Auburn.

I justified this by saying that if I was working my old job (which I haven't asked if I can take back yet...) I would have had to drive there anyway.
So then I went to Melody's house and we ate pancakes and watched William Wegman's Weimerieners. Then we called Amy and talked incoherently about ducks, and then we watched Stargate and played "Make This Face." "Make this Face" is a game where you pause the episode of Stargate and try to make the face of the person on the screen, and/or try to find the most awkward screenshot to send to your friends and challenge them to make that face. I happen to be the all time winner with the screenshot that started this game:

And then we went to the park, where we met up with Baff and Ally. We stayed at the park for about 4 hours and had a picnic. Also, Baff made me the BEST. THING. EVER.
She crocheted me.
A stargate.


I then went to Baff's house, and we painted a box and then we met up with Melody and Connor and went into the town square and played ukulele.

And we made $20. The best part was when we started playing Poker Face, and everyone who was listening started laughing. The cutest part was two little kids who wanted to give up money but kept chickening out at the last minute. I don't remember if they ever gave us the money, but they were adorable.

Then we made Connor walk home, and drove back to Beth's house, where all our cars were parked. We got halfway to Beth's house when Connor called and said, "Beth. My car's at your house," and we had to turn around and pick him up ^^;!

Anyway, that's all for tonight. I'm going to bed, then waking up tomorrow and getting ready for Double Punch Tuesdays. There will be more people, so we're definitely playing music again.

The interesting thing (Okay...guess I'm not going to bed quite yet...) is that I don't think it's about the money for any of us. It's about the enjoyment of playing music, and we accept money because people like to be able to show us that they appreciate us and don't find us annoying. Also, we do LIKE money. The money is definitely a benefit.

All right, bedtime now.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I don't think you know what you think you know, baby.

But baby, don't you think that I know what I know, maybe? Baby, I know what you think that I don't know. I know, I know, I know, I know, I know."

So I just found this comment on youtube.
"people who are bored easily are typically boring."
I could not agree with it more.

I have been sewing. That's right. I have 90% of my stuff in boxes still, and I've been sewing. I want to finish my commissions before the middle of this month. Because, um, I want to.

Anyway, listening to Two a lot again. I don't know why, I just have.

Played Portal 2 for the first time today. I'm about halfway through chapter 3, I think.

Also went to church today (as I do most Sundays when I'm home). Mom and Dad don't understand why I don't find a church in Ashland. The fact of the matter is, I don't go to church. I go to St. Luke's. I have a crush on the building. It doesn't matter who is there. I just like being in the building itself. It's sad. Sad is happy for deep people.

Anyway, I think I'm going to go sew those sleeves.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

And everything will change.

BEDJ number 11. First of all, my mom's computer has a shift key that sometimes doesn't work. Yup...

I've made it 11 days without missing a blog, though I really can't think of something to write about right now.

I don't's just been a day. I watched Stargate, lay in the sun with my dog, took a walk and thought about things and got a splinter in my foot, and then I went into town and hung out with Arielle.
It was interesting. We went to Target and I talked too much about my life and didn't listen enough about her life and was all in all a terrible friend. And then we went back and I left before her boyfriend got off work so I didn't get to meet him.

And then I came home.

Things Polly did not do today:
Clean the CrapPile

Things Polly did get done today:
Two Eurydice costume sketches. Because I am legit or something.

That last yawn just made a popping noise that healthy jaws don't make, so I'm going to brush my teeth and go to bed. Sleep well, dearest I-don't-have-a-name-for-my-readers-because-that-is-dumb!

Friday, June 10, 2011

It's fried egg, fried egg...

I had a day today.

So when we were moving out, while my mom was breaking the Madrone elevator (twice), we managed to spill roughly two liters of water on my laptop.

Yeah. Not one of the better things to happen while I was there. #seriouspollynod

So I immediately took the battery out and now I'm just waiting a couple of days to let it dry.

Anyway, homonyms.

So today, I woke up, 7 AM, in the morning. I had to be fresh, but did not have to go downstairs as my room is on the ground floor. I had to have string cheese, which I did not eat out of a bowl, and then time went by very slowly. I cleaned my room.
Pickin' up the garbage, cleanin' off my bed.
Had to make my mind up, which clothes do I keep?

Okay, done with that. Anyway, while I was gone, anything that my mom thought was mine she just threw on my bed, so I got home yesterday and the bed was buried, so I slept on the pull-out couch with my dog, and then today began the immense task of cleaning my room.

The fabric scraps, guys.
The pile is taller than me.
Once I get my sewing machine unpacked and catch up on the MASSIVE number of commissions that I have (read: 2), I will make some skirts with my random fabric and trim so that my sewing studio (read: corner of my room) doesn't explode.

Anyway, then Melody and Baff came over, and then we went to Twin Dragon and I ate sesame chicken, which I have been looking forward to all term and did not regret.
Then we went to Barnes and Noble, and I found my favorite book ever*: Figure Drawing for Fashion Design.
Anyone want to send me a check for $30 to buy that book?

And then we went back home and they watched while I cleaned, and then we painted a door. And then we ate dinner.

And then we went to Melody's house and watched Stargate and played Make This Face.
Make This Face is a game where you pause the screen and say "Make this face!" and then you make the face.

And then I drove home on the Epic CA-193, which is scary, and sideswiped a plant with Baby Beast** and then finally got home and wrote this blog post from my brother's computer.

Good night, my almighty readers. May you have magical dreams about Daniel Jackson, Yoda, and the ocean.

Beth's probably going to kill me for writing that...
*Okay, lies. Harry Potter holds the title of my Favorite Book Ever.
**Baby Beast is my truck. His full name is Baby Beast: Fuck the Environment: At Least He's Green. I have another car too, but as it is not currently running, can't exactly drive it places. We have Baby Beast so that we can pull the horse trailer and haul a ton of hay at a time.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Goodbye, Madrone 306c

I'm moving out today. I thought I should say goodbye to my current location.

Goodbye, Madrone 306c. Goodbye, living right next to one of my best friends. Goodbye, having to actually go outside to reach the cafeteria. Goodbye, being right next to the dumpsters. Goodbye, my own bathroom, and goodbye having a heater that actually works.

Goodbye, passive-aggressive roommate wars. Goodbye, arguing about wether or not it is my responsibility to buy toilet paper the day before I move out so that Jessica* will have something to wipe her precious ass with. Goodbye, having to buy soap half the time even though Jessica's freeloading sex buddy uses the soap and never buys any. Goodbye, other roommates that I barely talk to.

Goodbye, Jessica, who thinks that she's God's gift to the earth. Goodbye, stove and elevator and common room. Goodbye, loud proclamations of, "I just bought paper products TELL ME I'M SPECIAL!"

Goodbye, Madrone 306c. So long and thanks for all the fish.

*I think you've figured out by now, not her real name

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Something I just realized.

When I return to SOU this fall, it will be the first time that I get to experience going back to college, instead of going to a new school where no one knows me and I get chronically lost.

Also, it'll be my first time going back to college as a sophomore.

I've finished (not finished well, but finished) my final portfolio. I have one final to do tomorrow, and then I need to pack all of my stuff up before my mom gets here at noonish.

Going home. Tomorrow, when I wake up, I get to take the last tab off of my "Days till return to Hogwarts" poster.

Going home.

Working. For the church. While your life falls apart.

11:00 AM: Onto the third page now. Have reached the point of "What have you learned" which means that I need to actually read the articles in question.
-60 lines
-5 paragraphs
-3 pages (but that just means onto the third page)
Anyway, at 11:30 I will go to the cafeteria, get lunch, print what I have, and attack it with the Purple pen of Death.

10:AM: This essay must cover 6 points and be 3 pages long. I am on point #4 and about one page long.
- 31 lines
- 4 paragraphs
- 1 page. Almost.

9:AM: Woke up at 8 AM, started working.
-Lines written: 8
-paragraphs written: 1/2
-Pages written: NOT. EVEN. 1/2.

Updates will happen every hour, slightly after the hour.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Filling out the form.

Working on my USEM portfolio. For those of you who don't know what this consists of, here's a quick rundown of what I need to do:

1) Make title page and table of contents
2) Reflection essay
3) iSearch essay. Yeah. I haven't even STARTED this, and it's 20% of the portfolio grade
4) Revise two short essays. We've done 3 short essays this term and I have not been fond of any of them.
5) Find where the hell my reading notes are. I think I have two pages...for three books. Uhm. Yeah.

In other news, I figured that since I totally fucked up my History final, that I will still pass that class with a C.

That's right. I have the reassurance that even if I got 3% right on my final, I would pass the class.


TL;DR Two big essays.

I'm also going to play ukulele for a friend. Because, um, I can. Lol. Math.

That's about it. It's finals week and I don't want to work on finals, I just want to be done and go home.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The only thing anyone would say is, "Where did we go wrong?" is my current song.

Tomorrow, I have 2 finals, and then another one on Thursday.

I don't have a lot to say. I think that maybe going home this weekend was a bad idea, because now I don't want to work. I don't care, at this point, if I sleep through my finals and fail all of my classes. I just want to go home and be with my friends and be done with this stuff.

4 more days.

Anyway, we had our last Scion game of the school year tonight.
It did not go well.

I need sleep and I don't know what to say.

I'm feeling like I'm not good enough and I'm going to fail all of my finals and bad things are going to happen and I won't be able to find the room. EdPsych150 7:30 AM EDPSYCH1507:30AM! and then I'll miss the final and everything will go wrong.

Also, I have yet to do my USEM portfolio, but I'll do that on Wednesday and then I'll watch Stargate.

Uh yeah. That's all I've got to say.

Also, Rahne and I were as a joke (like an "I dare you to") make out with each other to see if the universe imploded, and then we realized that our current audience would not appreciate it as much as some others, so I said, "To be continued?" and now I'm pretty sure I'm going to die.

But if that happens, well, Melody and Amy and Beth know what to do. Thank goodness Amy knows the intro to Lucky Star.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

My name is Polly. I like Stargate.

My name is Polly.

Today I hung out in Barnes and Noble with my friends. The Starbucks people wrote "Holly" on my cup, but my name is Polly. I think that's the second time that's happened to me this week.

I also closed my eyes and drew Batman.

I also bought two new Molskines. They are blue.

I also got really irritated with Melody when she decided to recite the William Wegman film Fay's 12 Days of Christmas. IN. ITS. ENTIRETY. *headdesk*

Today, Melody also got irritated with Beth and me because we like talking about parts of SG-1 that Melody hasn't gotten to yet, and Melody doesn't like spoilers, so sometimes we spoil things for her to annoy her, and sometimes we just make shit up to screw with her.

Then Beth and I made the Discworld.

I don't remember what else we did. We probably talked a lot about Danieal'c and Easter bunnies and some guy called Pete.

Then I ate soup in a restaurant with Amy and Beth and Melody and myself. Then I ate frozen yogurt in a frozen yogurt place with Amy and Beth and Melody and myself, and we talked about Daleks very loudly outside.

We also celebrated our friendaversary by discussing how much has changed in this past year, and tweeting about how much we love each other. Because we love each other tons and I am going to miss them tons until we see each other again. They are also going to miss me. Especially Melody. #seriouspollynod


My parents are currently driving me to the train station so I can take the midnight train going anywhere. Which I literally am doing. My train departs at midnight. I'm going back up to school to take finals, and then coming home again.

You may wonder: If I am currently being driven to the train station, how am I writing and posting this blog?

The answer is very simple: I'm not. Melody is.


My name is Polly.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A day to remember indeed, Daniel Jackson

So, I finally got home. My dad drove up to Klamath Falls and picked me up, which was very nice if a little unnecessary of him. Got back at ten minutes to midnight, my dog was very happy to see me, and was allowed to break the rules and sleep on my bed last night.

I actually woke up at home with my dog next to me and said, “It’s good to be home.” And then I wondered if I was actually in a nanite-induced dream, but then I remembered that I knew how I got back home so this is probably real. Also, I’m not Elizabeth Weir.

So I woke up this morning and headed down to Melody’s school. It was raining. Remember the rain. It will be important later. So I waited in the stands at Melody’s graduation with Amy and got rained on.
And then the ceremony started.
And we got rained on. For two. Hours.
Needless to say, when it was finished, we were all very, very wet.
Also, I sat under a duck umbrella. Yes. The graduation was outside.

So then after that, I went over to Beth’s house and we watched Stargate while I drew Stargate slash comics in which Daniel Jackson was the Easter Bunny.
It makes sense in context.

So then after that I went over to Amy and Melody’s house and we kind of had a graduation party, in which we watched Firefly and crocheted, and then talked and crocheted, and then watched Doctor Who.

I’m not going to say anything about Doctor Who except: What. The fuck?

Anyway, after we watched Doctor Who, we went out to get frozen yoghurt, and I had one of the most bizarre discussions that I will ever have with a cop.
I think at the beginning he was trying to figure out if my friends and I were high or not (we were not, though we were acting a good deal like we were. We tend to do that.)
And then it turned into creeper mode. And I just kind of shrugged it off, but I still didn’t want to walk out to my truck alone in the church parking lot.

Before we go further, here’s a little backstory on Baby Beast. Baby Beast needs new battery cables. He has for quite a while now. I know how to handle this. It is nothing new. However, he likes to choose times when I’m being followed by creepers to not work, which then gives the creepers a chance to try to ‘help’ me, and little me standing on the front bumper of my big truck while hitting my battery with the Channel Locks of Justice has a difficult time explaining that, no, I do know what I’m doing, and no, I just need you to go away while I bang away on the inside of my engine.

So I go out, ask my friends to stay until I get him to start, key in ignition, turn key, lights all go out.
So I say, “Dang,” reach into my glove box, pull out the Channel Locks of Justice, pop my hood, and start pounding away at my battery terminals. My friends found this hilarious, as I’m a rather petite girl with pink pigtails and a crochet’d stargate on my head* who reached into my toolbox and pounded away at my battery terminals like it was nothing (which, for me, it is). Finally got the truck to start, listened to country music on the way home because battery terminals disconnecting kills my radio presets, and then got here and wrote this.
And another exciting day will happen tomorrow! Yay!

*Beth crocheted me a stargate, because she’s legit like that. So, of course, I put it on my head.

(From Yesterday) Afternoon Update

Afternoon update: So I don’t have wireless at the moment, but it’s 12:03 so I feel like I should update you guys on my day. So I woke up, fell back asleep, had a dream about the best nerdfighter gathering, where I met my roommate for next year (which can’t happen. I’m in a Single next year) and she was a seriously made of awesome nerdfighter. Then we met Hank, and he offered us high-fives, and for some reason when he got to my new roommate, she said, “No, I want a ghigh-five from the hand in a dress!” so he switches and high-fives her with the other hand, and then he gets to me and we’re about to high-five…

And then I wake up. And then, at some point, I fell asleep.

And instead of being asleep in a devoutly Christian brothel, I was in this like serious mansion. It was quite nice, and I had a lot of stuff with me, and Melody, Beth, and Amy were helping me pack. Then I woke up and my first thought was, “How am I going to get all my stuff into my little green bag?!” And then I realized what I was thinking, and I laughed at myself.

So then I woke up all the way and checked out of the hotel. The lady at the hotel was very nice, and wanted to make sure that I’d be okay, and offered to drive me to the Amtrak station. I walked to the Amtrak station, and I exchanged my ticket (Original tickets: $111.60. New tickets: $130.something), and then I walked around Klamath Falls in search of a coffee shop.

I did not find a coffee shop.

Instead, I found a museum. And I thought to myself, “Finally, a museum where I can spend as long as I like!” So I did.

Having gone to high school in California, most of my knowledge of early American history is focused on California. I know what American Indian tribes lived there, and all about the gold rush, but I don’t know a lot about Oregon.

I learned a lot about the Klamath Indians, the kind of shelters that they built during the winter, the ropes that they made out of tulle reed.

Apparently there was a relatively large war between the people who wanted to send one of the tribes to a reservation, and the tribe who didn’t really want to be sent to the reservation, around here. Also, Klamath Falls is the location of the only casualties of World War II that happened on the North American continent. Six picnickers were hit with a Japanese balloon bomb. Fun fact.

But the most interesting part of that was the children’s forestry section, with hands-on demonstrations including a large hollow log to crawl through, which I did. It had frequent points of view checks, from the points of view of a logger, a hunter, a recreational hiker, and a preservationist. The entire point that they seemed to be trying to prove is that loggers aren’t necessarily trying to destroy the forest and that preservationists aren’t necessarily doing everything that is best for the forest, that you couldn’t judge a person by their title, and that the thing that was hurting the forest most was uninformed people attempting to do what they thought was best for the forest without doing the research. WHEN YOU ARE IGNORANT, YOU KILL TREES, GUYS.

For example, hunters who know how to kill the right animals, and do this to decrease overpopulation that the natural predators of the animals can’t keep under control, will be helping the forest. If there is an outbreak of bark-beetles, clear-cutting a section of trees to contain the infection will probably help. Trees around here need fire, so uninformed legislators passing anti-control-burn bills leave the trees susceptible to disease, which they can’t fight because they’re competing for nutrients with smaller trees, and then responsible loggers who selectively cut down the smaller trees that would normally be burned can be helping the forest. It was an interesting take on the subject that I hadn’t expected to find in a taxpayer-funded museum. (Giants can be good, witches can be right…okay, I’ll stop now.)

So then, as I was leaving, I asked the receptionist if she knew of a good coffee shop around here, and she suggested A Leap of Taste (“Just keep following Main Street. You’ll find it.”). So I wandered down Main Street, making note of things that I’d like to see/do during my remaining 8 hours in Klamath Falls (Art supply store, bouncy castle playground. Though I MAY be a little too old for the latter), and eventually I found A Leap of Taste. Wandered in, bought an iced tea and a sandwich, (Turkey and grape jelly, because I asked the cashier to just order me her favorite sandwich. I’m stranded in a strange town. I’m willing to try new things!) and turned on my computer to write this up. Now it’s time to work on my USEM Portfolio iSearch paper (in which I chronicle my research methods and what I learned in the first person. I hate the first person) and then maybe do some studying for History.

Step 1: Put all of the portfolio research onto GLaDOS so that I can read it on the train.

Step 1: Complete.

Step 2: Procrastinate.

Friday, June 3, 2011

A little more coherent. I have listened to this on repeat. Sanity is slowly returning.

So hello, 7 AM. I'm feeling a lot better at this point.

So basically, a version explaining what happened without the capslock and the swearing:

Jessica* left too late, doesn't know how to drive on mountain roads, likes to randomly slam on her breaks, and the doesn't care about me until she can feel good about herself and tell a beautiful story about how she took care of me so that she can feel good about herself.

From my point of view, I missed my train, bought a hotel room, and now I'm going to find another train. This is going to involve Polly is Stranded in the World's Most Boring Town.
Thankfully, I have finals to study for.

*Still not her real name.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Travel Fail: "When we count all our blassings and wonder what we're doing here."

The plan was this:

at 7:45 or so, get in the car. Drive 1 hour 45 minutes to Klamath falls. Arrive at Klamath Falls at 9:30. Run ticket through qwikscan kiosk, get real ticket. Wait. Get on train.
Go home. Regain sanity.

It is important that you know this, so that you can understand how I am now sitting in a hotel room, still crying, and you can tell exactly how wrong the plan went.

"How come it never goes smooth?" --Captain Malcolm Reynolds.

So I lied to my roommate. I do that a lot, actually. I told her that the train left at 9:30 (it left at 10) and that the trip took 2 hours.

We got to the train station at 10:15

Because she needed to take a shower.

BITCH you gon be in a car with me! You don' need no stinkin' shower!

So we finally get out to the car at 8:20, and we start the drive.
And there was something that I totally underestimated.

Jessica* is a TERRIBLE driver. Like, you think I'm a bad driver, but no. She makes me look like I passed my driving test on the first try!** She makes me look...competent. She makes me look skilled.
So we're driving down a windy (not like full or wind. Like being not straight) mountain road to get to Klamath Falls, and she slows WAY the fuck down.
Now, for those of you who don't know, I drive Baby Beast. Baby Beast is green, his breaks don't work too well...he's basically Blue Citrus if Blue Citrus was a two-and-a-half-ton truck. I also drive on windy mountain roads a lot. I know how to drive around turns, which allows me to get up to speeds close to HALF what a normal person would take the turns at.
Let's just say, if you're taking turns slower than I would, you are driving too slow.
In Baby Beast, I could have gotten here in half the time she did in her little volvo.
Volvo, guys. VOLVO. They're boxy and safe and they handle FANTASTICALLY. YOU. CAN. TAKE. THAT. 20MPH. TURN. GOING. FASTER. THAN. 15.
In fact, YOU. CAN. TAKE. THAT. 20MPH. TURN. AT. 25.
Or, if you're me, in Baby Beast. YOU. CAN. TAKE. THAT. 20MPH. TURN. AT. 35.

So then we drive, and she SLOWS. DOWN. TO. READ. EVERY. ROAD. SIGN.


So we FINALLY get to Klamath.
And we get lost.
And so she goes into Safeway to ask for directions.
And the first thing she does is get on her phone.
And call her brother.
And talk.


It is 10:15.
And I'm like
I'ma slap da ho.
I'ma slap da ho!

And so I say, "Look, I'm going to get out of the car and stay here."
And she's suddenly caring for me. And she's like, "No, I can't let you stay here."
And she's like, "I can't let you stay outside."

So I give in.
And I get a hotel room, because my dad bought me AAA for Christmas last year, and this was the 3rd time I've had to use it but it's okay because I'm like a gold member or something.

So we walk into the lobby, which was thankfully still open, and I'm crying my brains out of my nose, and Jessica's smiling her happy smile, and I try to talk and I'm too stressed and I can't talk and so the lady gives me a room and kind of promises to take care of me, and Jessica leaves, convinced that I'm in good hands.
And I legitly think I'm staying in a brothel.
Like the doors have "In use" signs that pop up when you latch the deadbolt.
But, on the bright side, if you were under 21 or lived within 250 miles, you have to register via credit card. So I guess probably not a brothel.
Also, the password for the wifi, when I asked:
"The login name is Jesus, and the password is Christ, all lowercase."

Anyway, tomorrow I will have all sorts of time between 11:00 when I have to check out and 10 PM when the train is, and I'll get the joy of transferring my ticket and lovely shit like that, so expect another suitably frustrated blog post tomorrow.


*Not her real name.
**I mean, I did, but that's beside the point!

Petticoats. Hallowed are the Ori.

It is 19 hours till I'll be on that train and going far away.

In that time, I need to at some point book a shuttle back from Klamath, so that I don't put too much strain on my roommate who is driving me.

I just got back from Scion and then I made a petticoat. Yep.

Scion is technically White Wolf Scion, a tabletop RPG that I play with my friends. It is currently the only tabletop RPG that I play, but I'm working on that.

The petticoat I made for my roommate who is driving me, as payment and because she needed a petticoat. It's made out of pink, peach, and white organza and looks a lot like a melting sherbert sundae. Yes. My brain is weird at 3 AM.

But it got me thinking. Our dollar store here sells 8 yard by 6" lengths of tulle for like wedding decorations and stuff. So easy no math petticoat potential there.
I want to make a 3-tier 1:3:6 petticoat? I buy 1 roll, 3 rolls, and 6 rolls (so 10 rolls, and $10 since there's no sales tax in Oregon GOD I LOVE THAT!) and then turn the casing down on roll 1, sew into loop. Sew the three into a loop for the second tier, sew the 6 into one loop for the third, thread a yarn needle and gather those bitchas up, pin and sew together, TADAH PETTICOAT!

I mean, I don't know anything about anything, but that seems like it would work.


Polly's 3 AM time saving tip of the day: if you pack up your bag the night before, and get dressed the night before, all you need to do in the morning is brush your teeth and walk to class, so you only need to get up like...15 minutes before class.
Or you have the option to keep your phone alarm set to the same time, but you can hit snooze three times.


Anyway, there's BEDJ 2. Expect thrilling tales of trains, trains, and more fucking trains tomorrow. Logic. Sleep, Polly needs it.

Also, I have yet to do ANY work on my USEM portfolio, which is like 80% of my grade in that class.
So yeah.

Wish me luck, guys.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Glory to Athar: BEDJ 1

So, first of all, I'm going to classify the month of May as a Failure, because I didn't finish the costumes. However, I did do THIS in under a month, so I don't feel like it was that big of a failure.
It still technically, is a failure, so we're going to call it failure on the official list.

Anyway, BEDJ commences today. It is 12:07 AM, meaning that in 46 hours I will be on a train home. I will arrive 8 hours later, and then have 36 hours to spend at home before getting on another train, spending 8 hours getting back, sitting in a coffee shop for 5 hours until my roommate with the car (Car Roommate: Codename: Jessica) finishes her final and can come pick me up. Then I have two finals to sit through, check out of the dorms at noon on Thursday, and then I go home.

Why am I doing that, you may ask. Simple. Amy will be there, Melody will be graduating, SacCon will happen, Polly will regain some much-needed sanity, and peace will return to the galaxy, fools.

"I can almost count the hours, I can almost count the hours, till we get on that train and go far away." --Lauren Fairweather, Gone.

Anyway, there's my BEDJ post for the day.
I miss all of my friends. My sanity is failing, and I'm strangely okay with that. Because in 44 hours and 45 minutes, I'll be on a train, and heading back home.