Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I should really go take a shower.

So yesterday was a weir day with my friends here.

I was walking back from my 11:30 class, which is basically a class in which I crash a virtual spaceship into various stars (DUDE GUYS I HAVE A CLASS WHERE I GET TO PRETEND TO FLY A FASTER-THAN-LIGHT SHIP!!). While I was walking, I saw my friend Monica, and I decided to be a total creeper and run to catch up with her. This turned out to be a good idea, as we then went up to her room and watched things like "Hey Ash Whatchya Playin'?" which is hilarious.
While I was there, I left my tea mug. Woops.

So when she got out of class at like 9:30, I went over to her place to pick it up.

And then I came back home with a stack of comic books that I must read.

Sometimes, I don't even know what's happening. Today is Wednesday, though. That's a good thing.

Today, I will work up the courage to go to the Mac Lab and edit things. Then I'll be able to do it tomorrow too! YAY!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm eating a banana.

Bananas are interesting fruits.

A little over a year ago, I met a girl at a convention. She gave me a banana and then we did a play.

Did you know that there is very little genetic diversity in bananas? An opportunistic bug or parasite or fungus could wipe out all of the bananas in the world. It's possible that future generations will never know what bananas are.

One day over the summer, my brother, some of his friends, and I were eating bananas, I peel my bananas from the bottom, and one of my brother's friends said that that was weird. This started a discussion of the proper way to open a banana. My brother looked at his friends (who are all a good 6" taller than him) and said, "None of you open bananas like real men. Here's how manly men open bananas."
He then grabbed the banana at the center and ripped it in half, and then walked off like that was totally normal.

(By the end of the summer, my brother and I had invented a game where I throw a banana towards him, and he slices it in half with a machete)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This string cheese is inadequate

And I'm not very good at spelling.

So I just had a moment of "I hate cleaning, I don't want to clean, do you know what I want to do? SEW A TUTU."

See, I do these things sometimes. I get frustrated with things and then I start sewing things...which is why there's a green and red "What would Jesus do?" tie-dyed corset currently sitting on my dress form.

Like I'll be angry with the universe for some silly reason, and I'll say, "Hell. I want a really complicated and time-consuming project." And then I look up complicated and time-consuming costumes and then I watch the shows and movies that they came from, and I obsess and design and think and mull it over in my brain and most of the time it stops there.

For the moment.

Sometimes, I will be sitting somewhere and I think, "Hell. I need to MAKE something."
And I will have all of the research done and all of the designing and thinking finished and I will just go for it.
And sometimes that doesn't end up well. And sometimes it does.

And sometimes I listen to Animal Collective and start crying and sometimes I start finding myself thinking, "I accidentally 5 classes what do?!" and sometimes I think about how I have to spend another week and a half here, alone, and I just want to scream.

And sometimes I post blog posts that show to people on some level that I'm nowhere near as sane as I like to pretend to be.

The plan for today: I will sew the frills, I will go to Starbucks with a knitting project and a sewing basket and a computer and a ukulele and a sketchbook. I will buy myself a venti iced white chocolate mocha and bring myself a mug for tea later. I will de-weaponify the frills and begin pleating and weaponifying the next layer of frills. When I have weaponized the frills, I will watch Farscape and I will knit until I run out of yarn, and then I will draw people.
I will have a day to myself, a day where I get out of this house where I spend so much of my time, a day where I am surrounded by people and I do not have to talk to any of them, I can just go and sit there and know that there are other people in this world and I have not lost my mind.
And if I need to spend all day there, I will spend all day there.

Also, I just gave the string cheese to my dog. It seemed like the most logical course of action.