Friday, May 13, 2011

Planned projects

So, here's the deal. I've got plans. I don't really know what these plans are, but I have them.


Basically, much like my friend Baff's The Tappioca Project, I wanted to set aside things that I was going to do each month and post updates on what they are.
So here goes:
The rest of May: Finish my two costume commissions, and blog about the process of making the cake dress over at LiveJournal. I might talk about Doctor Strange a little bit, too, but for the most part I want to put together a detailed how-to on the Layer Cake Dress because there's a lot of them out there that are just not very good. Also work on editing the Almighty Novel so that I can get my proof copy and not be hideously ashamed of it.--status: failure. Task completed: TBD. Information here.
June: Blog Every Day In June. I know that it's traditional to blog every day in a month that starts with A, but June is going to be more important for me. BEDJ will happen here. Also, more work on the Almighty Novel.
July: The Comic-Con Blog! In which Polly has to 1) Get her car up and running, 2) finish her costumes 3) maintain her sanity and 4) learn to drive stick. Oh. And then I'll go to Comic-Con. And VidCon. This will be a fun blog.
August: I think I'm going to steal Melody's "Make 10 videos in April" thing and go with the "Make 10 videos in August."
September: Make 4 Sew EGL on a Budget videos
October: Make 4 How To Make A Halloween Costume That Doesn't Suck And Is Awesomely Nerdy for Under $20 videos.
November: NaNoWriMo!
December: Make Christmas presents for everyone!

January: Edit the NaNo.
February: Write an Album in a Month Challenge (I hope you guys are prepared for my level of shitty songwriting!)
March: Make 4 I Spent All My Money On Fabric What Will I Eat videos.
April: Knit things.

So I hope you guys are ready for an exciting...thing!

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