Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Glory to Athar: BEDJ 1

So, first of all, I'm going to classify the month of May as a Failure, because I didn't finish the costumes. However, I did do THIS in under a month, so I don't feel like it was that big of a failure.
It still technically, is a failure, so we're going to call it failure on the official list.

Anyway, BEDJ commences today. It is 12:07 AM, meaning that in 46 hours I will be on a train home. I will arrive 8 hours later, and then have 36 hours to spend at home before getting on another train, spending 8 hours getting back, sitting in a coffee shop for 5 hours until my roommate with the car (Car Roommate: Codename: Jessica) finishes her final and can come pick me up. Then I have two finals to sit through, check out of the dorms at noon on Thursday, and then I go home.

Why am I doing that, you may ask. Simple. Amy will be there, Melody will be graduating, SacCon will happen, Polly will regain some much-needed sanity, and peace will return to the galaxy, fools.

"I can almost count the hours, I can almost count the hours, till we get on that train and go far away." --Lauren Fairweather, Gone.

Anyway, there's my BEDJ post for the day.
I miss all of my friends. My sanity is failing, and I'm strangely okay with that. Because in 44 hours and 45 minutes, I'll be on a train, and heading back home.

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