Wednesday, July 27, 2011


So you remember how I was going to blog about comic-con and the preparations therein?

Yeah. Didn't happen.

At some point I'll stop and think about what exactly happened on each day, but for now I'm just kind of like, BRAIN I CAN'T DO!

Tomorrow I leave for VidCon. Yep.

I'm going to be SO burned out by the time that I finish this weekend.

But let's not talk about that. Let's talk about pie.

So near where I live, a lot of Himalayan Blackberries grow. This is, by all accounts, not a good thing as they're not native to this area and crowd out other plants and disrupt ecosystems but you know what they ARE good for?
Himalayan Blackberries are the big blackberries that have crazy intense thorns and hurt like a mothafucka when they stab you and they make AWESOME pie.
And cobbler.
And jelly.

However, there's something worth noting about piecrusts:
You need to keep the fat REALLY cold when you make them, or they don't flake and if they aren't flaky then what good are they? I mean, you intentionally make them with the perfect balance of flaky and tender and that's EXACTLY what pie is about, right? Right?
So this is tough when you don't air-condition your house and your kitchen is about 80 degrees F (that's 27 c for you non-USers) and you need to keep the butter REALLY cold.
This means many, many bowls of ice water that other bowls sit on top of.

Uh, yeah, that wasn't really relevant to anything else.
My brain is still all dead.

We are ninjas from the dead.

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