Monday, August 29, 2011

Why nothing rhymes with pyramid.

First of all, my last post was featured on the blog Adult Beginner, which is super exciting, so y'all should go over there and read her blog, because it's really clever and funny.

This is going to be a long, rambly, "I miss my friends" kind of blog post, because they've all gone back to college, and I'm still here, waiting for another month until I go back, because my school starts late.

So let's talk about why nothing rhymes with pyramid. This is a story that started roughly

So, in the middle of last summer, I got some pretty bad news. My school that I was attending me at the time informed me that "Due to the California Budget Crisis," they were not getting the funding they needed (Read: wasted all of their money on that stupid statue of a 40-foot piece of bacon) so my tuition had increased, and I hadn't paid the increase, and therefore they had dropped me from all of my classes. I got on my school email and asked them if they'd informed me by email of this, and they said, yes, they had, had I checked the new email? And I said, what is this new email of which you speak? Did you inform everyone of that? And the lady on the phone informed me that they sent an email to the new email informing everyone of the new email.
So, since I'd been dropped from all of my classes and they had filled up within seconds of my being dropped, I kept my very polite tone of voice and made some very impolite hand gestures at the phone, and thanked the woman for calling me.
And then I said, "Well, I'm not giving them any more money," and started the search for a new school.

Searching for a new school meant taking a term off from school. During that time, I got to do exciting things, like go to SacHorror and meet Jewel Staite and get her to sign my dress that I made for her to sign. Jewel Staite was in Firefly, and also played a character named Dr. Kellar on Stargate: Atlantis (which I hadn't seen at the time). I went with my friend Melody and Melody brought her ukulele. And while we were waiting for the Zombie Prom to start, the father of one of the girls in line told Melody to play "Tiny Bubbles."
We had never heard to Tiny Bubbles. After the con, we go back home, and Melody looks up Tiny Bubbles. And we see this. The moon. Is singing. To you.
So for a long time, Tiny Bubbles became this inside joke between me and Melody.

Also while I was taking that term off, I got a job as a dogsitter. Dogsitting is seriously one of the best jobs ever. For me, it was a lot of sitting in a very nice apartment on a very nice couch, watching TV on a very nice internet connection, and walking the dogs every few episodes. Unfortunately, I ran out of television to watch pretty fast. I thought back to SacHorror, and Jewel Staite who was in something called Stargate: Atlantis, and low and behold, it was on Netflix! So I watched it, and then got Melody and Beth to watch it. And Stargate: Atlantis led to Stargate: SG-1 (We watched them out of order).
And SG1 is 10 seasons long. We finished it at the beginning of this summer.

Now, during this time, Tiny Bubbles was still a brilliant inside joke, and we frequently rewrote the lyrics to be about whatever we were talking about. Frequently this began with "Daniel Jackson," as he's a character in SG-1 and Mel and Beff both think he's quite attractive, and his name has the same number of syllables as "Tiny Bubbles."

Melody's mom works in a thrift shop, and one day a copy of Stargate the movie was donated, and she got it for Melody. We then had movie night where we watched Stargate.

We ate a lot of sugar, got very little sleep, and made bad jokes that seemed really hilarious to us. So at one point, Daniel Jackson was in a pyramid, and we started singing Tiny Bubbles.
Daniel Jackson
In the pyramid
Daniel Jackson

...Nothing rhymes with 'pyramid'.
So, basically, the whole point of this post was to prove that getting screwed over by my school is the reason why nothing rhymes with pyramid.


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