Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This string cheese is inadequate

And I'm not very good at spelling.

So I just had a moment of "I hate cleaning, I don't want to clean, do you know what I want to do? SEW A TUTU."

See, I do these things sometimes. I get frustrated with things and then I start sewing things...which is why there's a green and red "What would Jesus do?" tie-dyed corset currently sitting on my dress form.

Like I'll be angry with the universe for some silly reason, and I'll say, "Hell. I want a really complicated and time-consuming project." And then I look up complicated and time-consuming costumes and then I watch the shows and movies that they came from, and I obsess and design and think and mull it over in my brain and most of the time it stops there.

For the moment.

Sometimes, I will be sitting somewhere and I think, "Hell. I need to MAKE something."
And I will have all of the research done and all of the designing and thinking finished and I will just go for it.
And sometimes that doesn't end up well. And sometimes it does.

And sometimes I listen to Animal Collective and start crying and sometimes I start finding myself thinking, "I accidentally 5 classes what do?!" and sometimes I think about how I have to spend another week and a half here, alone, and I just want to scream.

And sometimes I post blog posts that show to people on some level that I'm nowhere near as sane as I like to pretend to be.

The plan for today: I will sew the frills, I will go to Starbucks with a knitting project and a sewing basket and a computer and a ukulele and a sketchbook. I will buy myself a venti iced white chocolate mocha and bring myself a mug for tea later. I will de-weaponify the frills and begin pleating and weaponifying the next layer of frills. When I have weaponized the frills, I will watch Farscape and I will knit until I run out of yarn, and then I will draw people.
I will have a day to myself, a day where I get out of this house where I spend so much of my time, a day where I am surrounded by people and I do not have to talk to any of them, I can just go and sit there and know that there are other people in this world and I have not lost my mind.
And if I need to spend all day there, I will spend all day there.

Also, I just gave the string cheese to my dog. It seemed like the most logical course of action.

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