Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I should really go take a shower.

So yesterday was a weir day with my friends here.

I was walking back from my 11:30 class, which is basically a class in which I crash a virtual spaceship into various stars (DUDE GUYS I HAVE A CLASS WHERE I GET TO PRETEND TO FLY A FASTER-THAN-LIGHT SHIP!!). While I was walking, I saw my friend Monica, and I decided to be a total creeper and run to catch up with her. This turned out to be a good idea, as we then went up to her room and watched things like "Hey Ash Whatchya Playin'?" which is hilarious.
While I was there, I left my tea mug. Woops.

So when she got out of class at like 9:30, I went over to her place to pick it up.

And then I came back home with a stack of comic books that I must read.

Sometimes, I don't even know what's happening. Today is Wednesday, though. That's a good thing.

Today, I will work up the courage to go to the Mac Lab and edit things. Then I'll be able to do it tomorrow too! YAY!

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