Sunday, February 26, 2012

Combined knitting

Being a self-taught but rather accomplished knitter (if I do say so myself. I've never knitted a sweater, but I have knitted quite a few daleks. So, you know, I kind of know what I'm doing), I was recently surprised to realize that I purl "wrong."

My first thought was, "Fuck you, whatevah, I do what I want," and kept on doing things as I always have.
But then I was working on a new project (working flat for the first time in a long time. I'd gotten used to doing things in the round) and realized that my knit stitches ended up twisted, and while it didn't look bad, I didn't really like it.

So I kept on doing what I'd been doing and I finished my project, and then I did what I have ALWAYS done when having knitting problems:
And they told me what I had already known.
I was purling wrong.


So I looked up the right way to purl, and much to my anger it was exactly as I'd been told by the person who told me that I was doing it wrong, and I did a couple of rows of purling "the right way" and realized that I hated it.

See, I purl by scooping, which makes the stitch oriented differently on the needle. I can work complicated patterns without looking, because I can tell by the feel that my purl stitches are these ones and my knit stitches are those ones.
Purling the proper way means that all of your stitches feel the same and I have to do complicated things like counting and looking, which I'm really not interested in doing while I'm watching television and knitting.

So then I found this page and it was like some glorious message was being sent to my brain.
First of all, I was doing everything totally fine. I wasn't purling wrong at all! I had been using a vintage knitting technique. So to the person who said I was wrong, HA. (I'd been doing Eastern Crossed Knitting and just never known it)
Second of all, I found combined knitting, which is my new favorite.

So, long rambly post about knitting and vintage knitting techniques, and now I leave you with a picture of that thing I'm making:

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