Friday, August 16, 2013

oh hey I was going to do beda hahahahaha

Happy August 16.

I've been getting into fanmixes, and I'm working on finishing my second one and noticing that I tend to start them with two songs by the same artist.
Not intentionally.
It just happens like that.

Anyway, whatever, I'll post the tracklistings for them since no one reads this blog anyway.
They're for the DTMG fandom but more accurately for our elaborate backstories for the characters.

So here we go:
"Slipping" for Billy Joe Cobra

  1. Desensitized--Green Day
  2. No Pride--Green Day
  3. Anthem--Blink 182
  4. Failure's Not Flattery--New Found Glory
  5. Out of Reach--The Get Up Kids
  6. Even if it Kills Me--Motion City Soundtrack
  7. Pain--Jimmy Eat World
  8. Sober-P!nk
  9. Watch Me Fall Apart--Hard-fi
  10. Song To Say Goodbye--Placebo
  11. Blackbird--The Beatles
  12. How To Be Dead--Snow Patrol
  13. Slipped--The National
"The Grave That You Refuse To Leave" for Madame X
  1. Sprawl (Flatlands)--Arcade Fire
  2. (Headlights Look Like Diamonds--Arcade Fire) <--Might change this one
  3. Westbound Sign--Green Day
  4. The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most--Dashboard Confessional
  5. Home Is a Fire--Death Cab for Cutie
  6. City With No Children--Arcade Fire
  7. Steadier Footing--Death Cab For Cutie
  8. Is There A Way Out--The Get Up Kids
  9. Flaws--Bastille
  10. No Light, No Light--Florence+The Machine
But that one's still really in progress and editing and shit

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  1. I have no idea about the series, and I don't know enough music to really appreciate the fanmixes, but that's pretty cool! I love the idea of capturing a character in music form.