Friday, August 2, 2013

BEDA-1 day 1

As I am sitting here, in the bathroom, I have become aware that today is august second, meaning that technically I am a day late for Blog Every Day in August. So welcome to BEDA minus one, day one.
What to say? My life is currently a sort of weird monotony of wake up, pills, knit and make plans with friends that we'll pretend to try to keep, coffeeship, home, pills. Bed.
I'm also working on a very long, complicated, and drawn-out character development/plot creating storytelling experiment with my friend, which is pretty much going on all the time except when I sleep and she works. It's really fun when you make discoveries that, say, the characters that you've been writing for a month and a half reveal to you that one of them is Catholic(ish), her term. And I say reveal because I'm pretty sure pretending I'm in control of the story at this point.
I liked the clothes I wore today. I think I'm finally finding my personal style, too bad it's four years after I graduated high school.

Mood: Depressed but better than yesterday
Gloves: Didn't work, just knitted a skirt
Portfolio: Shit I haven't worked on that in months

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