Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A response to Amy's SDCC list

This is a response to the most recent post on Amy's blog, which is in my blogroll over there, so click that 'cause I'm too lazy to find the link.

So here goes:
I. Transportation:
---Why don't you guys trust Baby Beast? He's seriously offended by this.
---That said, I don't trust Baby Beast and I DRIVE him.
---I have nothing else to offer in terms of transportation, as IF we have RenneyRabbit up and running, none of you know how to drive manual transmission and she only seats two anyway.
---Now that I think about it, lies. Crystal knows how to drive manual transmission.
---Also, Melody and I may be wanting to keep a car in San Diego for the week between SDCC and VidCon

II. Lodging
  1. Location: I have obtained a back yard for us to sleep in. We will need to bring a tent.
  2. Power: Installing a power inverter into a car is a rather serious undertaking. However, I do not expect Cole would have a big problem with us running an extension cord into his backyard. Other charging can be done in pretty much any restaurant.
  3. Food: Crystal and I had a cooler last year and that worked pretty well. It was still cold by the third day, and we could buy ice to refresh it. My mom's awkward pyramid scheme that she works with involves selling fully cooked, non-refridgerated meals including a vegeterian lasagne that isn't bad. Melody, Odwalla smoothies stay pretty well at room temp as long as they aren't opened.
  4. Hygiene: Amy, Melody, and Beth are probably not prepared for the experience that is SDCC. For many hours every day that you are there, you are literally surrounded by people. At any given time in the event hall, 3+ people WILL BE TOUCHING YOU. Those of you who went to SacAnime with me probably witnessed Day Three Game Room NerdStank. Imagine that. Now imagine how that FEELS ON YOUR SKIN. It is tangible. We don't like it. We don't want to see it. It makes us uncomfortable. Bathing after Comic-Con is not an option. Even if we're spongebathing, it MUST. HAPPEN.
  5. Storage: Amy is making a Pack Plan. We are trusting her when it comes to storage. With that said, wigs that don't have large amounts of hairspray/foamcore can be stored by turning them inside out, braiding the hair, tucking that into the cap, and putting the wig in a plastic ziptop bag.
III. Convention Logistics
  1. Transport to/from con: Take the train. 'Nuff said.
  2. Volunteering: ????? I've never done it before.
  3. Storage @con: Everyone should bring a large backpack and be prepared to carry it all day.
  4. Food @ con: Everyone should have, in their backpack, either a jar of peanut butter or a loaf of bread. I think with two loaves of bread and two people having peanut butter/jelly/honey/peanut butter and jelly we can survive 4 days at con. WATER. Everyone must have, in their backpack, a refillable water bottle. CON DEHYDRATION IS NOT FUN. YOU PASS OUT AND THEN YOU MISS YOUR VOLUNTEER SHIFT AND THEN YOU ARE PERMABANNED FORM VOLUNTEERING. DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN.
IV. Money (PS. Amy, your numbering on your list was kind of off. Just sayin')
---Geurilla Income will be tricksy. Comic-Con frowns upon people earning money at the con who did not pay for the privilege of doing so. DO NOT EXPECT TO EARN A LOT.

V. Packing List
  1. I may be able to convince my brother to swap with me and I get his droid for the weekend. If so, we have a portable wireless hub. If not, Cole will PROBABLY let us onto his Wifi
  2. The cosplay list: TIDE TO GO IS NOT AN OPTION. TIDE TO GO IS A NECESSITY. Also needed is Febreeze, needle and thread, duct tape, boob tape (also sold as pasty tape and fashion tape) to keep costume malfunctions from happening, a hot glue gun if possible (for emergency wig repairs), super glue, and Katie Bair's Miracle in a Bottle.
  3. Emergency kit should also contain ACE wrap in case of ankle/wrist/knee injuries, lidocaine patches, and a change of underwear for everyone (otherwise, when all of our stuff gets stolen and we're stuck at the con overnight, we'll have to keep wearing the same underwear and that just ain't pretty).
  • Each person MUST have a pair of cushioned insoles for any shoes that they have for cosplay. Your feet begin hurting to the point where they actually go numb, and then when you take your shoes off and regain feeling, it's kind of like OH FRELL ME AND FRELL THIS RUTTING CON. I don't think my feet stopped hurting for three days after the con last year, and I only did it one day.
  • Camera. You will need it. Everyone must have a camera.
  • For the con, you need a bag that will hold 1) a change of clothes, because you should have an option to change out of cosplay/something that isn't covered in blood after someone gets stabbed and you were an innocent bystander 2) room to fit your cosplay when you've taken the change of clothes out 3) BREAD or PEANUT BUTTER 4) Spare plastic knives/spoons. You don't want to have to carry around a peanut buttery spoon. 5) Your emergency repair supplies for the con. 6) a small towel, so that you are a hoopy frod who knows where her towel is
  • Amy is the best at planning. Sadly, the only con that Amy has ever been to was SacCon. I am the worst at planning. I have also been to SDCC once. #paradox
  • Before we leave, we are all going to have a conversation with my mom about car problems that we are likely to encounter and how to fix them. I believe my mom is the best choice for this because she 1) knows about cars 2) isn't really scary and 3) knows all of you. If not my mom, Crystal's dad would be a good option, as he fulfills requirements #1 and #2.
  • We should go to the dollar store and buy window paint. We should paint the car that is not staying the week in SoCal with Polly and Melody. We should not paint the car that is staying, as that would result in awkward complications for Polly and Melody and not being able to wash their car. We might get jumped at VidCon by Youtubers, and then you guys would find out because someone would post it online, and then you guys would feel really guilty.
Everyone who can afford it should bring the money to get next year's badge at this year's con. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY WE WILL EVER GET INTO PREVIEW NIGHT EVER. JUST SAYING.


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