Thursday, June 2, 2011

Petticoats. Hallowed are the Ori.

It is 19 hours till I'll be on that train and going far away.

In that time, I need to at some point book a shuttle back from Klamath, so that I don't put too much strain on my roommate who is driving me.

I just got back from Scion and then I made a petticoat. Yep.

Scion is technically White Wolf Scion, a tabletop RPG that I play with my friends. It is currently the only tabletop RPG that I play, but I'm working on that.

The petticoat I made for my roommate who is driving me, as payment and because she needed a petticoat. It's made out of pink, peach, and white organza and looks a lot like a melting sherbert sundae. Yes. My brain is weird at 3 AM.

But it got me thinking. Our dollar store here sells 8 yard by 6" lengths of tulle for like wedding decorations and stuff. So easy no math petticoat potential there.
I want to make a 3-tier 1:3:6 petticoat? I buy 1 roll, 3 rolls, and 6 rolls (so 10 rolls, and $10 since there's no sales tax in Oregon GOD I LOVE THAT!) and then turn the casing down on roll 1, sew into loop. Sew the three into a loop for the second tier, sew the 6 into one loop for the third, thread a yarn needle and gather those bitchas up, pin and sew together, TADAH PETTICOAT!

I mean, I don't know anything about anything, but that seems like it would work.


Polly's 3 AM time saving tip of the day: if you pack up your bag the night before, and get dressed the night before, all you need to do in the morning is brush your teeth and walk to class, so you only need to get up like...15 minutes before class.
Or you have the option to keep your phone alarm set to the same time, but you can hit snooze three times.


Anyway, there's BEDJ 2. Expect thrilling tales of trains, trains, and more fucking trains tomorrow. Logic. Sleep, Polly needs it.

Also, I have yet to do ANY work on my USEM portfolio, which is like 80% of my grade in that class.
So yeah.

Wish me luck, guys.

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