Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm not going to say ever...

...but today was definitely the best day of my summer so far.

So I woke up this morning angry about things after
having a dream about conversations in Wraith, and the improbability of every planet having a different written language that READS exactly like English (I'm looking at you, Stargate. Also, you have sound in space, Stargate. I'm onto you), and then I decided to go to Auburn.

I justified this by saying that if I was working my old job (which I haven't asked if I can take back yet...) I would have had to drive there anyway.
So then I went to Melody's house and we ate pancakes and watched William Wegman's Weimerieners. Then we called Amy and talked incoherently about ducks, and then we watched Stargate and played "Make This Face." "Make this Face" is a game where you pause the episode of Stargate and try to make the face of the person on the screen, and/or try to find the most awkward screenshot to send to your friends and challenge them to make that face. I happen to be the all time winner with the screenshot that started this game:

And then we went to the park, where we met up with Baff and Ally. We stayed at the park for about 4 hours and had a picnic. Also, Baff made me the BEST. THING. EVER.
She crocheted me.
A stargate.


I then went to Baff's house, and we painted a box and then we met up with Melody and Connor and went into the town square and played ukulele.

And we made $20. The best part was when we started playing Poker Face, and everyone who was listening started laughing. The cutest part was two little kids who wanted to give up money but kept chickening out at the last minute. I don't remember if they ever gave us the money, but they were adorable.

Then we made Connor walk home, and drove back to Beth's house, where all our cars were parked. We got halfway to Beth's house when Connor called and said, "Beth. My car's at your house," and we had to turn around and pick him up ^^;!

Anyway, that's all for tonight. I'm going to bed, then waking up tomorrow and getting ready for Double Punch Tuesdays. There will be more people, so we're definitely playing music again.

The interesting thing (Okay...guess I'm not going to bed quite yet...) is that I don't think it's about the money for any of us. It's about the enjoyment of playing music, and we accept money because people like to be able to show us that they appreciate us and don't find us annoying. Also, we do LIKE money. The money is definitely a benefit.

All right, bedtime now.


  1. Oh, also, I found a five leaf clover today. So yeah.

  2. I suck at commenting on your blogs regularly. But today was my best day of summer so far, too. Definitely. We need to do this crap more often.

  3. Wish I was there. I need moneys for ice cream.