Saturday, June 4, 2011

A day to remember indeed, Daniel Jackson

So, I finally got home. My dad drove up to Klamath Falls and picked me up, which was very nice if a little unnecessary of him. Got back at ten minutes to midnight, my dog was very happy to see me, and was allowed to break the rules and sleep on my bed last night.

I actually woke up at home with my dog next to me and said, “It’s good to be home.” And then I wondered if I was actually in a nanite-induced dream, but then I remembered that I knew how I got back home so this is probably real. Also, I’m not Elizabeth Weir.

So I woke up this morning and headed down to Melody’s school. It was raining. Remember the rain. It will be important later. So I waited in the stands at Melody’s graduation with Amy and got rained on.
And then the ceremony started.
And we got rained on. For two. Hours.
Needless to say, when it was finished, we were all very, very wet.
Also, I sat under a duck umbrella. Yes. The graduation was outside.

So then after that, I went over to Beth’s house and we watched Stargate while I drew Stargate slash comics in which Daniel Jackson was the Easter Bunny.
It makes sense in context.

So then after that I went over to Amy and Melody’s house and we kind of had a graduation party, in which we watched Firefly and crocheted, and then talked and crocheted, and then watched Doctor Who.

I’m not going to say anything about Doctor Who except: What. The fuck?

Anyway, after we watched Doctor Who, we went out to get frozen yoghurt, and I had one of the most bizarre discussions that I will ever have with a cop.
I think at the beginning he was trying to figure out if my friends and I were high or not (we were not, though we were acting a good deal like we were. We tend to do that.)
And then it turned into creeper mode. And I just kind of shrugged it off, but I still didn’t want to walk out to my truck alone in the church parking lot.

Before we go further, here’s a little backstory on Baby Beast. Baby Beast needs new battery cables. He has for quite a while now. I know how to handle this. It is nothing new. However, he likes to choose times when I’m being followed by creepers to not work, which then gives the creepers a chance to try to ‘help’ me, and little me standing on the front bumper of my big truck while hitting my battery with the Channel Locks of Justice has a difficult time explaining that, no, I do know what I’m doing, and no, I just need you to go away while I bang away on the inside of my engine.

So I go out, ask my friends to stay until I get him to start, key in ignition, turn key, lights all go out.
So I say, “Dang,” reach into my glove box, pull out the Channel Locks of Justice, pop my hood, and start pounding away at my battery terminals. My friends found this hilarious, as I’m a rather petite girl with pink pigtails and a crochet’d stargate on my head* who reached into my toolbox and pounded away at my battery terminals like it was nothing (which, for me, it is). Finally got the truck to start, listened to country music on the way home because battery terminals disconnecting kills my radio presets, and then got here and wrote this.
And another exciting day will happen tomorrow! Yay!

*Beth crocheted me a stargate, because she’s legit like that. So, of course, I put it on my head.

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