Thursday, June 9, 2011

Goodbye, Madrone 306c

I'm moving out today. I thought I should say goodbye to my current location.

Goodbye, Madrone 306c. Goodbye, living right next to one of my best friends. Goodbye, having to actually go outside to reach the cafeteria. Goodbye, being right next to the dumpsters. Goodbye, my own bathroom, and goodbye having a heater that actually works.

Goodbye, passive-aggressive roommate wars. Goodbye, arguing about wether or not it is my responsibility to buy toilet paper the day before I move out so that Jessica* will have something to wipe her precious ass with. Goodbye, having to buy soap half the time even though Jessica's freeloading sex buddy uses the soap and never buys any. Goodbye, other roommates that I barely talk to.

Goodbye, Jessica, who thinks that she's God's gift to the earth. Goodbye, stove and elevator and common room. Goodbye, loud proclamations of, "I just bought paper products TELL ME I'M SPECIAL!"

Goodbye, Madrone 306c. So long and thanks for all the fish.

*I think you've figured out by now, not her real name

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