Friday, June 10, 2011

It's fried egg, fried egg...

I had a day today.

So when we were moving out, while my mom was breaking the Madrone elevator (twice), we managed to spill roughly two liters of water on my laptop.

Yeah. Not one of the better things to happen while I was there. #seriouspollynod

So I immediately took the battery out and now I'm just waiting a couple of days to let it dry.

Anyway, homonyms.

So today, I woke up, 7 AM, in the morning. I had to be fresh, but did not have to go downstairs as my room is on the ground floor. I had to have string cheese, which I did not eat out of a bowl, and then time went by very slowly. I cleaned my room.
Pickin' up the garbage, cleanin' off my bed.
Had to make my mind up, which clothes do I keep?

Okay, done with that. Anyway, while I was gone, anything that my mom thought was mine she just threw on my bed, so I got home yesterday and the bed was buried, so I slept on the pull-out couch with my dog, and then today began the immense task of cleaning my room.

The fabric scraps, guys.
The pile is taller than me.
Once I get my sewing machine unpacked and catch up on the MASSIVE number of commissions that I have (read: 2), I will make some skirts with my random fabric and trim so that my sewing studio (read: corner of my room) doesn't explode.

Anyway, then Melody and Baff came over, and then we went to Twin Dragon and I ate sesame chicken, which I have been looking forward to all term and did not regret.
Then we went to Barnes and Noble, and I found my favorite book ever*: Figure Drawing for Fashion Design.
Anyone want to send me a check for $30 to buy that book?

And then we went back home and they watched while I cleaned, and then we painted a door. And then we ate dinner.

And then we went to Melody's house and watched Stargate and played Make This Face.
Make This Face is a game where you pause the screen and say "Make this face!" and then you make the face.

And then I drove home on the Epic CA-193, which is scary, and sideswiped a plant with Baby Beast** and then finally got home and wrote this blog post from my brother's computer.

Good night, my almighty readers. May you have magical dreams about Daniel Jackson, Yoda, and the ocean.

Beth's probably going to kill me for writing that...
*Okay, lies. Harry Potter holds the title of my Favorite Book Ever.
**Baby Beast is my truck. His full name is Baby Beast: Fuck the Environment: At Least He's Green. I have another car too, but as it is not currently running, can't exactly drive it places. We have Baby Beast so that we can pull the horse trailer and haul a ton of hay at a time.

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